World Metaverse Council had its first meeting in Metaverse!

November 18, 2022

This meeting happened at Slovenian day in MetaCOP27 – first ever, United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) side event in metaverse on Thursday, 17.11.2022.

MetaCOP27 is the result of mutual cooperation between Technology Park LjubljanaDistriverse and Reeba XR companies. Republic of Slovenia recognised MetaCOP27 as a unique opportunity to present Slovenia as a green, creative and smart country, active in the field of climate change and oriented towards a green transition supported by advanced digital technologies. The project is supported by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

At meeting there were several avatars of people that are founding members of World Metaverse Council but also there were avatars in the audience. It was possible to join meeting via Distriverse platform:

The audience was first addressed by Mr. Tadej Slapnik (member of World Metaverse Council) who expressed his satisfaction that the conference took place in MetaCop27. He announced that website World Metaverse Council ( has been release and invited all stakeholders to fill application form trough website and become members of World Metaverse Council.

After, Mr. Philippe Rixhon suggested next steps for developing World Metaverse Council and importance of definition of Metaverse and Web 3. After WMC define these two terms, they will be published at WMC website. He announced that in 2024 will be held Spring Symposium in Italy, that will offering an alternative human-centric perspective to the centralized metaverses proposed by Apple or Meta and will be important step in humankind travel to the future.

Nena Dokuzov, Head of Project Group for New Economy and Blockchain Technologies at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia concluded that it is a big step for Slovenia to have this kind of event in Slovenian Pavilion in MetaCOP27.