Press Release – The Dubai Metaverse Declaration 2023

December 7, 2023



The Dubai Metaverse Declaration: A Landmark Resolution for Digital Unity and Innovation

Dubai, UAE – [7.12.2023]: During the esteemed World Metaverse Summit and Awards held on December 6, 2023, the World Metaverse Council proudly announced the adoption of the Dubai Metaverse Declaration. This pivotal document, presented by Tadej Slapnik, founder and CEO of the World Metaverse Council, serves as a manifesto for the future of digital collaboration and innovation.

Building on the principles of the Bled Declaration of 2022, the Dubai Metaverse Declaration embodies the Council’s vision of a Metaverse that upholds human dignity, rights, and a spirit of unified progress across both digital and physical realms.

Key points from the Dubai Metaverse Declaration include:

Reaffirmation of Fundamental Values: Emphasizing the inherent dignity and equal rights of all individuals, the declaration upholds these tenets as foundational for freedom, justice, and peace.
Human Rights and Rule of Law: The declaration asserts the necessity of protecting human rights within the Metaverse under the governance of the rule of law.
Fostering Inter-Metaverse Relations: It highlights the importance of fostering friendly relations between various Metaverse platforms, promoting mutual respect and collaboration.
Commitment to Social Progress and Equality: The document reiterates the World Metaverse Council’s commitment to promoting social advancement and equal rights for all.
Evolving Standards and Collaboration: Acknowledging the significant progress made in developing interoperable Metaverses, the declaration pledges to continue enhancing the Metaverse ecosystem.
Rewarding Innovation and Creation: It aims to establish protocols for fair recognition and rewards for contributions to the Metaverse.
Comprehensive Guidelines for Rights and Wellbeing: The declaration commits to developing guidelines that ensure the rights and wellbeing of individuals and avatars within the Metaverse.
Advancing Data Security and Consumer Protection: The document emphasizes the importance of robust guidelines to ensure data security and consumer rights.
Addressing Health and Informed Consent: It recognizes the importance of guidelines for informed consent and mitigating health impacts related to Metaverse interaction.
Child Safety in the Metaverse: The declaration prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of children within digital spaces.
Inclusive and Equitable Metaverse Development: The Council is dedicated to fostering an equitable and decentralized Metaverse, maximizing benefits and minimizing potential harms. Global Invitation for Collaboration: An invitation is extended to all Metaverse stakeholders to support and engage with the World Metaverse Council’s mission.

“The Dubai Metaverse Declaration is more than a document; it is a promise and a pathway to a future where the digital and physical worlds are seamlessly integrated for the benefit of all,” stated Tadej
Slapnik. “We stand at a crossroads of innovation, and this declaration will guide us as we forge ahead into a future era of the Metaverse.”

The World Metaverse Council invites all members of the global community to join in this commitment to creating a Metaverse that is open, secure, and serves as a thriving digital ecosystem.

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