MetaGate Summit Announces World Metaverse Council as Association Partner

January 12, 2024

MetaGate Summit Announces World Metaverse Council as Association Partner

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In a monumental stride towards shaping the future of the Metaverse, MetaGate Summit proudly unveils its groundbreaking collaboration with the esteemed World Metaverse Council. Renowned on the global stage for its pivotal role in driving discussions on Metaverse regulation, standardization, and interoperability, the World Metaverse Council has consistently served as a catalyst, bridging the gap between builders and regulators and steering the course for the industry’s future.

This dynamic collaboration signifies a pivotal juncture in the journey of MetaGate Summit 2024, setting the stage for a revolutionary 3-day hybrid summit scheduled to unfold in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on September 10th, 2024.

MetaGate Summit, a trailblazing 3-day hybrid summit, stands as a testament to innovation. Featuring a captivating blend of exhibition, conference, startup competition, and activation zone, the summit attracts visionaries, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders from across the globe. Together, they explore the tangible business value of the Metaverse, fostering collaborations that push the boundaries of innovation.

The World Metaverse Council, a globally renowned association, stands as a champion for collaboration in crafting an equitable, inclusive, and truly decentralized metaverse. Their commitment to decentralization, people-centricity, and equitability perfectly aligns with MetaGate Summit’s vision—a vision that doesn’t just anticipate future technological trends but actively influences and shapes them.

The synergy between MetaGate Summit and the World Metaverse Council amplifies the impact of the summit, providing attendees with unprecedented opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and business development. Lara Daoud, Managing Partner of EUMENA Events, the organizer of MetaGate Summit, encapsulates the essence of this partnership, stating, “We aim for this collaboration to create a fruitful intersection between the regulatory role of organizations and associations and that of Businesses and Value creators in the Metaverse, shaping the landscape of Business in the Metaverse for Saudi Arabia and the world.”

WMC Quote: The World Metaverse Council is thrilled and proud to announce our role as an Association Partner with the Metagate Summit. It is our privilege to support the organization of this esteemed event, set totake place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Center in Saudi Arabia from September 10 to 12, 2024.As advocates for the advancement of the Metaverse, we eagerly anticipate bringing our expertise to the Summit. The WMC experts will share the latest developments from the Open Metaverse, providing insights that are at the forefront of Metaverse technology and strategy. Furthermore, we will spotlight Metaverse education, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing future talents and fostering a community of knowledgeable professionals in this dynamic field. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of a future shaped by the infinite possibilities of the Metaverse. We look forward to contributing to an event that promises to be a landmark in the Metaverse calendar and to furthering our mission to educate, inspire, and innovate within this revolutionary digital space.

As the journey unfolds, mark your calendars for September 10-12, 2024, at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned for updates as we reveal a transformative experience that promises to shape the future of technology and marketing.

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🌟 Association Partner Spotlight: Thrilled to announce our collaboration with World Metaverse Council as our Association Partner! 🤝 WMC is a global force driving an equitable, inclusive, and decentralized Metaverse—a vision perfectly aligned with ours!

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