Inspired by Expo 2020 Dubai`s legacy the World Metaverse Council in collaboration with UAE and global startups in the fields of Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, and smart cities is launching “The Metaverse Expo for Climate Innovations” for MetaCOP28. The main launching would happen for COP28 UAE in Dubai, 30th November – 12th December, 2023.

The participating countries will have pavilions on an interoperable and inclusive Metaverse where every country will showcase its contributions and innovations to resolve climate change through the Metaverse. Start-ups from participating countries will get the chance to showcase their solutions.

The World Metaverse Council will launch a global Metaverse initiative that includes cities, cultures and countries around the world. This Metaverse campus will enable us through the collaboration of governments, scientists and Web3 companies to provide a 3D virtual awareness campaign on climate initiatives and projects around the world.

During the UN Climate Summit COP27 in Egypt, Slovenia presented an innovative solution for organizing events inside a Metaverse Platform named MetaCOP27. The seed was planted, the success and interest were undeniable. This year (2023) METACOP28 will set up pavilions and event halls that will enable interactions, and engagements for more than just presenters, but also to showcase technology in AI/AR/VR/Crypto/Blockchain and of course Metaverse.

Our World Metaverse Campus is the starting point for our Metaverse world.

For any custom build we will provide development teams outlines of how to connect to our Metaverse campus. All platforms are welcomed and can be highlighted with a small virtual booth and instructions on how to connect to outside worlds.

The WMC offers quick setups inside our Metaverse campus area. Areas are branded with corporate and project colors and content.

If you would like to see demo, please download here if you are on a PC:

Tutorials on how to download and navigate can be found here:

Please note that we are still in beta stage!
Contact us for joining and more information.