GDP Gold Stablecoin Design Concept

GDP Stablecoin is a gold-linked cryptocurrency that anchors itself to the international gold prices and provides a platform for linking gold industry to global cross-border transactions and investments.

Gold is usually calculated by weight. GDP is calculated using the TROY scale, which made 1 GDP equivalent to 31.1 grams of actual gold (1Troy = 1 GDP = 31.1 g of gold).

1 Troy =
1 GDP =
31.1 g
of gold

Buying and investing in GDP equals to the purchase of gold in real life gold.


Value asurance, tangible assets

As a stablecoin, the first principle of GDP is the guarantee of value.

Backed by gold, a rare asset with real instrinsic value, each GDP represents the gold bullions stored in the GDP platform partner banks and vaults; GDP holders can exchange GDP for real gold at any time at GDP sales outlets network all over the world, this boosts the confidence of investors to believe that this is a real, visible, and tangible investment.


Value Appreciation

Will GDP gold store in the bank appreciate in value?

The answer is yes.

Gold is a non-renewable rare resource. The total amount of gold that has been mined is more than half of the earth's reserves. That means that in the future, the supply of gold will only be less and less, making the price trend of gold ever-rising; even if there may be fluctuations in the middle but in the long run, gold prices will still be optimistic.

Safe-haven assets


Safe-haven assets

As a time-tested risk avoidance asset, gold has always been recognized as having its own intrinsic value, making GDP that is linked to gold a risk- avoidance asset as well.

During unstable times of world political and economic climate, especially in the event of a war or economic crisis, GDP will be able to reflect its good risk-avoidance attribute. GDP holders' assets will remain unchanged or even rise gradually, maintaining the value of assets.